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Sonnys Soap Flannel Set
Sonnys Soap Flannel Set

Sonnys Soap

Sonnys Soap Flannel Set

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This flannel set comes with 2 super soft double-sided bamboo flannels in a 100% cotton wash bag. No more losing your flannels when they need a wash (much like what happens with socks..., where do they go!?).

The cotton bag that comes with the flannels also has a secondary use for things like storage or when you’re heading out on your adventures or just visiting granny for the weekend, you can put all of your toiletries and nic-nacks in the bag and keep them all together - no more rummaging around the suitcase looking for toothbrushes.

Flannel material: Bamboo.
Flannel dimensions: 20cm x 20cm.

Storage bag material: Cotton. 
Storage bag dimensions: 20cm x 25cm.